Saturday, May 15, 2010


I'm feeling a bit guilty about how I described Minnie.  She does have a sweet side. I am reminded of her interaction with our other family pets. Our daughters' hamster, Charles, for example.  She used to lay beside his cage at night calmly watching his little activities.  She was content to watch our goldfish, Ed, whose bowl was her preferred source of drinking water.  We never feared for his safety. (Ed lived to be at least 12 years old, can you believe it?)

And she doesn't observe Clovis as though he might be her next meal.  We have his room fenced off and she'll come sit next to the fence and watch him.  If he comes close she'll look away.  I think she thinks if she can't see him, he doesn't see her.  If he turns his back to her, she'll reach through the fence and bat him with her paw. Of course he ignores her and runs off. The other night, after I put him to bed in his cage, I found her bedded down too atop his cage. Two little bunkmates.

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Barbara A. Freeman said...

Oh, they both look so sweet!