Saturday, March 27, 2010

Artist's History

I want to share a little artist's history because I think there are many out there who might relate.

I went to college and studied fine art (a little college artwork to your left) and halfway through realized I had no idea what I was going to do with a fine arts degree.  I had this mindset where I did not think I should have a job which required me to create art on demand; I should create when inspired.(Sheesh...) I quit college (biggest regret of my life) and simultaneously quit my art.  I became a banker instead. 

Fast forward about twelve years.  My first daughter is born and I realize that I'd give anything to work at home.  This is during the 80's when the cottage industry is trendy. So I evaluate my skills and recall that I am a pretty good artist.  The creativity starts flowing again but nothing really jells for a home business.

Fast forward about five years.  Our family financial situation improves and we can afford to have me stay home with our two daughters.  I spend this time drawing portraits again, (my favorite thing) volunteering for art projects at my kids' grade school, (fullfilling experience) trying to write and illustrate children's books, (not very good at that) and gardening. (like creating a large scale painting using plant material.) A wonderful period in my life.

Fast forward to now. I've gone back to work (banking again) because we have college to pay for and retirement to think about, but I keep working at my art. I cannot help but wonder what I would have achieved as an artist if I hadn't abandoned it some thirty years ago.

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