Saturday, March 20, 2010


Clovis has a maloclusion.  Instead of his upper teeth slightly overlapping the lowers, they meet dead on.  So his teeth don't get worn down as they should.  I was shocked when I first discovered how long his teeth had gotten. I felt like a terrible rabbit owner! I took him to my local vet and they trimmed his teeth with clippers.  Big mistake.  More tooth problems ensued. 

I couldn't take him back to the same vet.  I remembered another rabbit owner who had recommended Dr. Heather Horton at Country Animal Hospital.  So off we went to see Dr. Heather and she said one upper tooth was missing and the other was broken. Thankfully, both teeth recovered. Now, every five weeks Clovis gets to visit Dr. Heather for a tooth trim.  Clovis has been in Dr. Heather's care for three years now.  She is the best vet!  We like her and the people who work at Country Animal Hospital very much.

Today was tooth trim day. Dr. Heather prepares the dremel tool she uses. Clovis waits patiently.

He doesn't need any medication to calm him. The dremel tool cuts through Clovis' teeth. Apparently he likes it...

Then we do the lowers. Clovis pushes up against the dremel with his lower teeth.

Dr. Heather uses a cheek spreader and shines a light into his mouth to see how the molars look.


All done. Clovis smiles for the camera.  Perfect!

Clovis gets a little love from Dr. Heather before he heads for home. 

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Aimee said...

Poor Clovis how awful!!