Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jersey Wooly

"Jersey Wooly" is my second entry to the Small Works, Big Presents show at the White River Valley Museum in Auburn.  I did a bird's eye view of this same rabbit for this show last year.  

I attended the artist's reception tonight and enjoyed meeting fellow artist, Barbara Freeman.  She and I have been visiting each other's blogs and finally had the opportunity to meet in person.  Visit Barbara's site.  She does beautiful work!  


Michelle May said...

Oh my gosh! Incredible!!! Loooooooooooove this!!!
xx, shell

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Hi Sue, and a lovely work it is too! I loved being able to see your work in person. It was great meeting you too! I'm sure we'll meet again and I'll be seeing your work in many more shows. Thanks for the link to my site. : )

jonesdeborah said...

That's incredible, Sue. Beautiful. When will you have it on cards?