Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snack Monster

I think I have created a monster. A snack monster. One day as I was leaving for work I made the mistake of giving Clovis a little snack. Now, without fail, every morning as I leave he runs, no CHARGES up to the door for his little something special before I go.  Well, as we all know we cannot resist cuteness...

Just the slightest bit of rustling of the brown paper bag of willow twigs or bunny bites has him running in circles, frantic to get his little teeth on his treat.  And while he is preoccupied with eating, I toss a bunny bite on the top floor of his cardboard condo for later, wish he and Minnie a good day, and head for work. 

I found Clovie's favorites, willow twigs, bunny bites, and dried fruit at  

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Paw of Friendship?

Minnie joined Clovie and I this morning during our together time. I'm not sure if she was extending her paw in friendship or if she had something else in mind. He ignores her. If she had the opportunity to confront Clovie face to face I'm pretty sure she'd run for it, scared spitless.

We have a glorious sunny morning here. Spirit lifting after all the rain we have had.  Even Clovie seems to be happy. If the clear skies hold maybe we will catch a glimpse of the "supermoon" tonight.

I hope wherever you are you have a sunny, spirit lifting day and the supermoon shines bright on you tonight!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rabbit Menu

I'm always looking for new veges to try out on Clovis. This is purple kale which he liked. The other day we had a slice of hubbard squash which was a no go. I was at a pet store the other day and they were feeding a rabbit a slice of orange.  I always thought you shouldn't give any acidic fruit to a bunny but he sure seemed to be enjoying it.

Clovis gets a variety of fresh fruit and veges twice a day.  Since I'm not too sharp and creative at 6:45 AM we have a set menu for breakfast:

4 blueberries
1/4 inch slice of banana, quartered
4 inches of carrot
handful of mixed salad greens
carrot greens from one carrot
3-4 stems of Italian parsley

For dinner we have our standards which consist of:

collard greens about the size of my palm
handful of kale
a few leaves of baby bok choy

Then I mix and match conservative amounts of about 4 from the following:

broccoli or broccolini, cauliflower, green cabbage, radiccio, brussel sprouts, curly parsley, cilantro, dill, or whatever else I find interesting.

 When I go to the grocery store the clerks often comment on all the veges I buy. "You eat healthy." "What are you making?" or "What do you do with kale?".  It's always a test of their checking skills. Not everyone knows what organic Italian kale is, let alone the code for it off the top of their head.   

So I bring home bags full of bunny food and I think it takes up half my refrigerator. My husband has learned he has to save the last banana for Clovis. Because, heaven forbid, his little quarter inch slice is missing from his yellow salad plate in the morning.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is it Spring Yet?

We're getting there, Clovie. 

A bouquet of daffodils from a friend at my kitchen window, birds singing, heather in bloom, pussy willows, buds on the flowering cherry. Oh, and those obnoxious little weeds around the roses.

The sun feels good to Clovie and I as we enjoy our lazy Saturday morning together. 

Hope it's getting to be Spring where you live too!