Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Faux Friend #2

I introduced Clovis to another friend, Flopsy.  Flopsy is so called because she flops over; she can't seem to hold her head up.  Even though you can't see it, she does have a cute face. Flopsy is a long haired bunny, probably an angora, and a little on the pudgy side. 

Unfortunately, the paper towel cardboard roll got more attention than Flopsy.  I mean really, can you trust a friend who can't look you straight in the eye?

(In reality, this bun is referred to as Ittybit by its creator, Bunnies by the Bay. This is a Northwest company that makes the most wonderful little things for children.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Faux Friends

When my husband learned of my desire to find a friend for Clovie he said he'd rather we didn't. We have enough pet fur and dander around the house.  I was a little disappointed, but since I was hesitant about another bunny anyway I decided I could live with the status quo. 


I thought I'd see if I could find a faux friend for Clovis.  I introduced him to Barney, a nice bunny who has bendable wire ears and curly cinnamon colored fur.  I found him at a grocery store one Easter for $3.99.

I realized though, after Clovis grabbed him by the ear and gave him a toss, that two bucks in the same bunny quarters probably wasn't a good idea.

After the altercation, Barney was looked upon with disdain.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sucked into the Vortex

We've been away on vacation - to St. George, Utah and Las Vegas. I took this photo of the local flora, a variety of yucca perhaps?  I felt like it was sucking me into the vortex when I looked at it. Similar to how I felt in the sea of slots in the Vegas casinos. Totally sucked in... 

Whilst we were away Clovie Boy was relegated to the cat room at South Hill Veterinary.  He was loved by all and, I'm sure, well cared for. But no one cares for him like his mommy. We are all happy to be home. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fair Day

The Western Washington Fair, which is located in the city I live in, opened today.  It's a big fair and people around here have grown up with it and love it.  The fair kicks off with a parade and cattle drive through our downtown. (Last year we had some cattle detour into a convenience store. It made national news.) The fair employs a lot of locals for its 17 day run and people that live near the fairgrounds turn their yards into parking lots to make a few extra dollars. 

At the bank where I work, it's a tradition that someone goes early on the first day of the fair to buy scones for the employees.  They probably sell more scones than anything else at the fair. They're very good, except I think they give me heartburn.

I entered 5 rabbit drawings in the fair's juried Fine Art Show and all were accepted.  This one, "French Angora" is a miniature, measuring 1 7/8" by 2 7/8".

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nice Way to Start the Day

I'm usually half awake when I make my way downstairs for morning coffee.  Minnow is waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, and puts on a show, a cute little half roll and pulls her paws up tight against her chest.  It's such a good act, (and she knows it), I can't resist bending down to pet her. She looks like a seal.  Then she escorts me to Clovis' room where he is sitting in his cage waiting to be set free for the day.  It's almost like she's making sure I won't forget him. Early on I learned if I stuck my finger through the cage to try to pet him he'd growl at me, but for some reason lately, he seems to like it when I reach in to give his little head a scratch.   

Such a nice way to start the day.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Last Sunday I was reading the classified ads to Clovis. We always look at the pets for sale. All the cute little doggie pictures make me just want one. (But I don't. Clovis doesn't either.) It seems to me there are alot of "poo" dogs. Cocka-poo, Shih-poo, Maltese-poo, Chia-poo, Lhasa-poo.  (Okay, maybe I made some up.) Poodles must be good to breed with. Anyway, here's an ad that caught my eye:

"Bird cage large with stand, $75, includes 6 free finches." 

Now, if it were my ad I would have focused more on the finches:

"Six finches, large bird cage with stand included - $75".

Two days later the ad read, "Six free finches."

So, I guess it's not all that easy to find a new home for finches.  Wonder what they put the finches in now that their cage is gone?