Monday, September 27, 2010

Faux Friends

When my husband learned of my desire to find a friend for Clovie he said he'd rather we didn't. We have enough pet fur and dander around the house.  I was a little disappointed, but since I was hesitant about another bunny anyway I decided I could live with the status quo. 


I thought I'd see if I could find a faux friend for Clovis.  I introduced him to Barney, a nice bunny who has bendable wire ears and curly cinnamon colored fur.  I found him at a grocery store one Easter for $3.99.

I realized though, after Clovis grabbed him by the ear and gave him a toss, that two bucks in the same bunny quarters probably wasn't a good idea.

After the altercation, Barney was looked upon with disdain.


Jade said...

Yeah, Mickey has ignored pretty much every faux-pal I've introduced him to, with the exception of one cotton fellow that he peed on. Thank goodness for machine-washable bunny toys.

My husband is also one of the reasons we are a single-bun household (the other being limited space in a small house). He has tolerated my rabbit obsession for the most part, and he has liked some of my rabbits over the years, but he generally puts his foot down about adding to the number of live rabbits we own--although he has no problem with helping add to my other-than-live collection. :)

Lisa said...

Bummer. Jon put the kabash on any more furries, too. Including my grandmother's cat :( It makes me sad, but it's actually a good thing, because I think I need a voice of reason to keep me from becoming a hoarder and getting in over my head.

Biffers always ignored his toy buns but was quite the does' man at speed dating.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I tried the faux bun with Sugie. Let's just say that her look told me I was totally stupid and should leave the room and take the faux bun with me. hee,hee,hee.
xx, shell