Friday, July 30, 2010

Vet's Eye View

Last weekend I took Clovis to see Dr. Heather for a tooth trim.  She took this photo of him and said this is how she sees Clovis when he comes to visit. Vet's eye view.

And what is he thinking in his little bunny brain?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bunny in a Blue Cloud

For sister Deb...

I think I have mentioned that Clovie has a chair in his room which is covered with a purple towel and a piece of soft, frizzy blue fabric draped over a pillow. He can see out the window from his chair and quite often he's there when I come home from work at night. I can see him when I drive in.

It's such a nice welcome home, like having your dog greet you at the door with his tail wagging. 

So when I come inside to say hello to him, sometimes he'll stay there on the chair and let me pet him which I love because number one, he just melts down into the pillow with his little eyes closed and two, it means I don't have to bend over to reach him.  I always say to him, "Oh look, it's my bunny in a blue cloud." 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Run Around Time

Clovis wonders when I am going to let him out for his run around time...

He has two special spots upstairs.  One is under the foosball table in the bonus room and the other is in our bedroom between the chair and the foot of the bed.

One night when Clovis was penned up, Minnow chose the foosball spot. Leaving her scent, I assume, to make a statement regarding animal hierarchy in our household. 

Friday, July 9, 2010


We have wood flooring in our entry, hallway and kitchen.  I had always planned on buying a runner for the hallway but it wasn't until we had Clovis that the runner became important.  He doesn't like slippery floors and I got tired of laying a towel "path" down the hall. So basically we bought Clovis a runner for the hallway...

I have rugs placed strategically over the wood floors so that he'll come out and run around.  He can jump from rug to rug and make the loop around the main floor without ever setting a toenail on wood. 

There's a small white rug at the bottom of the stairs next to a red entry rug so he can get up and downstairs. The other evening when I was in his room he was out in his safe zone playing with the white rug; bunching it up in a little pile.  Since this rug is critical for him to get up the stairs I unbunched it for him and put it back where it was.  He proceeded to bunch it up again then took a flying leap from the red rug to the bottom stair and disappeared.  A few seconds later I saw him leap back, sailing over the white rug and landing on the red rug.  Apparently some sort of rabbit game of skill he's invented to amuse himself...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Rattle my Cage

I mentioned the other day how annoyed I get when Clovis chews on his cage door. Although still irritating, I'm somewhat amused when he chews on his fencing. 

After his dinner, between 7:30 and 8:00, I give Clovis a scoop of rabbit pellets. You would think he hasn't had a meal in days the way he attacks his little crock of pellets. (It's been maybe an hour and a half since dinner...) He runs frantically around my feet.  I can't tell you how many times I've nearly stepped on him despite my verbal warnings to him to, "Watch my feet!"

If I should happen to be busy or forget that it is pellet time, he will remind me by noisily pulling on the fencing I have around his living quarters with his teeth, "rattling his cage" and, in effect, rattling my cage.  He'll use this same tactic later in the evening to tell me it's time for bed.  And why would he want me to put him to bed?  Because he gets a little something sweet when I tuck him in for the night. And yes, I realize, he's got me well trained.