Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Couple of Cat and Mouse Stories

Story 1:  I wrote a post on this blog titled Cat and Mouse about Minnow's nightly ritual with her little pet mouse.  One night this summer she was in the window of my art room, on possum watch, when I went to bed.  In the morning the mouse was in the window. I left it there and closed the window.  I noticed the mouse stayed in the window for about a week which seemed odd, and I thought maybe she forgot where she left it.  No, I had closed the window on its tail. Mousetrap!

Story 2:  Our second daughter took a job with Americorp which she finds very rewarding.  The paycheck, however, is not so I convinced her to live at home for awhile.  At the end of her hard day she waltzes in, kicks off her shoes and leaves them in the living room.  One day we found the mouse in her black shoes.  The next day it was in her brown shoes. Does this mean something? 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Clovenstein, the Monster

Clovis got a Frankenrabbit costume for Halloween this year. He's calling himself Clovenstein, the Monster.

Costume Features:

Extra large black rabbit ears, one lop
Stick on neck bolts
Green face paint
Fake forehead scar, stitches and bangs
Extra long yellowish rabbit teeth
Black sweater, brown jacket with 3/4 sleeves
Optional rat tail (He wanted it)
Dark pink toenail polish

Hurry! Buy the card

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Morning Snooze

I was getting ready for work the other morning and discovered Clovis snoozing as I passed by his room. I thought it a little out of character for him to be sleeping at this hour. I was puzzled. Why is he doing this? 

His location was the giveaway.  Sleeping on a rug I had thrown over the heating vent on the floor of his room this summer.  Chilly morning, furnace on, warm rug. Ahhh...

I covered his vent because he has caught a toenail on it a few times and lost the nail, poor guy! Cold weather is upon us; time for a different plan.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


"Hmpf! Mom always liked you best!"
I was enjoying my Saturday morning with Clovie.  He was getting lots of "me" time, huddled behind his cage next to me so I could pet him.  When I saw second daughter pull in to the driveway I got up to say hello then returned to sit with Clovie.  She came in to Clovie's room and we chatted for a bit and there was a distinct change in bunny behavior.  Acting up and nipping me!  Jealous of your human sibling, Clovie? 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Have a Nice Trip...

...I'll see you in the fall.  Over the bunny fence I mean. 

I have a rule: must have one hand free for balance when stepping over Clovie's fence. Broke my rule, broke no bones.

Jeez, these humans are clumsy!

I had Clovie's water crock in one hand and a few oats in his food crock in the other.  I got one foot over and then caught the toes of my other foot on the fence and lost it. The water went flying, the oats went flying and so did I.  I landed on a metal/wire shelf, one you can put together like tinker toys, and flattened it. I looked for Clovie, hoping he hadn't been flattened too. Fortunately, he'd high tailed it to a spot behind his cage, and before the dust (and fur) settled he was out Hoovering up the spilled oats.  

Four multicolored bruises, chartreuse to deep purple. 

All four of our family have fallen over that fence. Me twice. One very deep gouge in our beautiful cherry wood floor. For the love of Clovie! Ours cannot be the only clumsy household, can it?