Thursday, July 19, 2012

Here Boy!

Clovie gets free reign of half the house almost every night. (The other half is for Minnow, our cat.) He heads up the stairs and hangs out.  We can hear him race up and down the hallway and the heavy thump of his back feet as he roams around the rooms upstairs.

Before I go to bed I clean up his litter box, his hay box, refresh his hay and water.  Sometimes he comes down when I am doing this. Often he comes down around 10 PM which is close to bedtime.  Does he have a sense of what time it is? 

Every once in a while I need to go upstairs and round him up.  Usually he is in the bonus room.  So I call him, "Clovie! C'mon Buddy it's beddy bye time. Do you want your treat?"

And it always surprises me that he follows me downstairs, just like a little puppy.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Welcome to the Garden

Clovie (nose bonk at the screen): Hey, there's a bunny out there!

Me: Um, he's not real Clovie.

Clovie:  It says Welcome to the Garden so how about it?

Me: Clovie, I didn't know you could read!

Clovie (scratching at the screen):  C'mon, open up!

Me: Sorry Clove.  I wish I could but it's not Clovie proofed out there.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nisqually Wildlife Refuge


Husband and I drove down to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge today to do some bird watching. It was a nice little trip.


We saw lots of swallows, a couple of bald eagles, red winged blackbirds, goldfinch, a hummingbird and a few others we weren't able to identify. We walked all the way out to the Puget Sound and back - 4 miles. Whew! 

When we started on the boardwalk there was a warning sign about the squirrels. It said they were very AGGRESSIVE and might BITE.  I've got to say I was a little scared because I was wearing capris, my bare legs exposed, and I can visualize one of these big boys, teeth bared, jumping on to my calf.  

Don't you know we were walking along and we see one of these AGGRESSIVE squirrels laying motionless, eyes open, flat on the boardwalk. He looked dead.  Rather than walk up to him we opted to make some noise and, surprise, he took off!  We walked hurriedly past.  A minute later I looked back and there he was in the exact same spot, laying out there again like he was dead.  Creepy.