Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oxbow Pellets

I had a couple of readers suggest Oxbow pellets to help with the cecotrope issues Clovis was having.  I had cut back considerably on fruit and greens with limited success and had resigned myself to accepting things the way they were. It wasn't bad, just worrisome.  I hadn't seen Oxbow in our local pet stores so I ordered online hoping for the best.

Oxbow suggested I gradually add their pellets so I started with one part Oxbow and three parts current brand which is Purina. The Oxbow pellets were a bit larger and greener. I carefully measured them out and fed to Clovis.
We did not relish the Oxbow pellets! Discouraging! He will eat them but they are the last to go. I'm up to 3 parts Oxbow and 1 part Purina now. I feel a little mean taking away something he loves so much but I'm hoping that once he is completely on the Oxbow it won't really matter to him.

Did this solve the cecotrope problem?  Yes! I would say this is a successful solution.  I've been sneaking in more fruit here and there - a consolation of sorts to Clovis for having to give up a favorite. Thank you, dear readers, for your suggestion!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fair Entries

"Frizzle Chicken" - Colored Pencil 8" x 10"
I can't believe it's nearly Western Washington Fair time again. As I have for the past 11 years or so, I entered artwork which was juried in to the Fine Art Show. I drew "Frizzle Chicken" for this year's special category, birds. I struggled for HOURS trying to develop the shadows and nearly gave up. I do like the result so I'm glad I persisted.

"Jersey Wooley" - Colored Pencil 3" x 3"
 I entered these two miniatures which you may have seen on previous posts. I sold "Jersey Wooley" on the spot to one of the people who help out with the show every year when I dropped it off. My second miniature entry, "Venetian Window Kittens" won an Honorable Mention!
"Venetian Window Kittens"- Colored Pencil 3" x 3"

Friday, August 19, 2011


When second daughter redecorated her bedroom we hung white sheers and purple panels.  They were much too long for the window but we decided to let them "pool" on the floor like you see sometimes in decorating magazines. (The truth is we were too lazy to hem them.)

Well, guess who really likes the curtains.  I couldn't find him one afternoon when he was out bunning around until I saw the curtains move.  He likes to go behind the sheers and push the fabric around on the floor.  I think he's chewing on the sheers too.

Clovie, you make me laugh...

Hey, Buddy Boy! Do NOT eat the curtains!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm Five?

Clovis turns five. That's about 37 and a half in bunny years. According to my calculations, I have scooped his poop about 1,700 times. Labor of love though...

"I'm five?"  
Here's how we are celebrating - an extra slice of banana and a fresh raspberry from Spooner Farms, breakfast with me, (more of a gift to myself...) a little bunny massage, and a willow wreath treat.  Then free run of the upstairs this afternoon where he will undoubtedly get some couch time.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back in November 2010, Lisa out there in bunny blogland, Little Bun in the City, wrote about how much her bunnies enjoyed the willow wreaths she ordered from  I hopped over to the website and, of course, they were out of stock.  So I said, "email me when you have some", and last month they finally did. 

A week ago I gave one to Clovis...


"Can I have another?"

Glad I ordered three.