Thursday, June 30, 2011

Home Again

Ahhh, back home again! Clovie missed his cardboard condo.

Monday, June 27, 2011


We are away on vacation at a resort called Suncadia which is about one and a half hours east of Seattle.  It sits atop a hill overlooking the Cle Elum river in the middle of a forested area. It's mostly a golfer's paradise I think and we don't golf, but there are miles of paths on which to bike and hike, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and other fun amenities. This afternoon my fisherman is off on a guided fishing trip, while my daughter and I have our noses buried in books. Do I want the anti-aging Organic Champagne, Caviar & Truffle  Facial Experience at the Glade Spring Spa for $190? Includes a delicious truffle at the end of the 80 minute treatment. Probably not. 

Some of you may recall the TV show, Northern Exposure.  It was filmed in Roslyn which is about 2 miles away.  It's a quaint little old town. On Saturday night we went on their art walk (didn't find much) and shared a Fireball Whisky shot at the Brick Tavern (cinnamony hot!). On Sunday we picked up a few treasures from their Farmer's Market. 

We also stopped at the historic Roslyn cemetery and walked through. This is an old coal mining area and many miners of at least 24 different nationalities and their families, are buried here. The burial grounds are divided into areas for each nationality. Interesting. Sad to see graves of babies and young children.

I think that is about all there is to do in Roslyn.


After lengthy Internet search I have discovered that this beautiful little wildflower is:
Lilium columbianum
Tiger lily, Oregon lily, Columbia lily

I'm sure Clovis is enjoying his vacation in the cat room at the South Hill Veterinary and Spa while we are away. Perhaps he will have a facial...

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I once posted about never having seen Clovis asleep.  I wanted to see how he sleeps. I learned from one of my visitors that bunnies often sleep with their eyes open. 

Not long ago my husband caught him in act. He whispered to me to come and look.  I grabbed my camera and tiptoed down the hall as quietly as I could, holding my breath, because we never seem to be able to sneak up on Clovis; he always perks up when we approach. But this time he didn't move a muscle.

He was so out of it my first reaction was to make sure he was breathing, that he hadn't crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

No, thankfully, just fast asleep.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Our sweet baby girl graduated from the University of Washington this weekend.  We watched her accept her diploma with great pride. Commencement was held outdoors in their stadium and it was typical Seattle cool and cloudy until it was all over and then the sun came out and warmed us all; many happy families and graduates.  

I spent the majority of commencement searching for our daughter amongst the thousands of students. Finally, we found each other - so important to make that connection. Yes, we are here and proudly watching you on this monumental day. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Clovie Update

Thanks everyone for your comments. It really helps. Clovie is doing better but I think I still need to cut back more on the fresh veges and fruits.  He does NOT like me to pick him up and especially turn him over to look at his bum and the bottom of his feet so I haven't checked lately.  But I think he is pretty clean.  So is his bedding, rugs, and carpet in his room which is a good indicator.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Something Amiss and a Mess

Something is amiss and a mess here.  In the past month or more I have been dealing with Clovis' uneaten cecotropes. This disturbs me since they are loaded with important nutrition that he is not getting, and they also make a mess! Especially when they get stepped on or slept on. The other issue that concerns me is Clovis isn't really cleaning himself up, and that's unusual. 

We went to see Dr. Heather last weekend and she checked him over. She ruled out anything physical that might be preventing him from reaching the cecotropes or cleaning his back end, like a tumor or injury.  His weight is always the same, give or take a few ounces so he's not overweight. And everything else, appetite, activity, is normal. At her suggestion I cut back on fruit, pellets, and the bunny byte treats.  (Well, I didn't cut back much on the pellets because he loves them so much...) And I gave his little bunny butt a sponge bath. Next course of action would be blood work and x-ray.

I think things have improved but we are not quite there yet.  I've done a little Internet searching and one possibility I noted is overproduction of cecotropes due to diet.

I was wondering if any of you have had a similar experience?