Saturday, June 4, 2011

Something Amiss and a Mess

Something is amiss and a mess here.  In the past month or more I have been dealing with Clovis' uneaten cecotropes. This disturbs me since they are loaded with important nutrition that he is not getting, and they also make a mess! Especially when they get stepped on or slept on. The other issue that concerns me is Clovis isn't really cleaning himself up, and that's unusual. 

We went to see Dr. Heather last weekend and she checked him over. She ruled out anything physical that might be preventing him from reaching the cecotropes or cleaning his back end, like a tumor or injury.  His weight is always the same, give or take a few ounces so he's not overweight. And everything else, appetite, activity, is normal. At her suggestion I cut back on fruit, pellets, and the bunny byte treats.  (Well, I didn't cut back much on the pellets because he loves them so much...) And I gave his little bunny butt a sponge bath. Next course of action would be blood work and x-ray.

I think things have improved but we are not quite there yet.  I've done a little Internet searching and one possibility I noted is overproduction of cecotropes due to diet.

I was wondering if any of you have had a similar experience?


SixBunnies said...

Oh, Clovie! I am sorry! My Jamal has the same problem. When he has any kale or collard greens. Every once in a while one of the other buns will have that trouble also. I read a great posting on dry baths on Bunnies R Us the other day. It said a bunny's mom could use corn starch to clean bottoms and loosen anything sticky that shouldn't be hangin' onto a bun's bum. The corn starch is supposed to be easier on bun and bun mom. The next time Jamal has a tummy problem that causes the cecotropes, I am going to try the corn starch, since he's so big and fluffy and his fur is like an arctic wolf! I wish you the best, Clovie Boy!

bunnits said...

My only experience with that was recently when LillieBun was just getting too old and arthritic to clean herself well. I had to do a daily bunny butt cleaning which she hated. SixBunnies info about the cornstarch is something worth trying if I have this problem again. My Mopsy is now 9 years old, but still quite healthy and active, but you never know when that could change.

Hope everything works out.

Jade said...

Yes, oh yes we have! Mickey was a cecal machine until I cut WAY back on his treats and a little bit back on his greens. He was putting out enough cecotropes for three rabbits, and what he wasn't eating was ending up either all over his cage or all over his bunny butt, which meant lots of butt baths. After his bout with GI stasis last year, I cut back on his treats (he gets a papaya tablet and a pinch of shredded carrots with his breakfast greens and a dried apple slice or some papaya bits at night after his run) and I reduced the amount of greens I was giving him (I was giving him twice as much as he needed). Once I did that, he started eating his pellets and hay more and the excess cecum disappeared. I think I've had to give him maybe one butt bath in the past six months--a big change from once a day!

I'd say cut back gradually on his treats and see what happens. Good luck!

RG said...

Same here - too much rich greens and sugars. We keep corn starch powder handy too .. works great.

SixBunnies said...

So, how is Clovie doing now? Is there an update on his bottom? (Poor rabbits ... their slaves just post all kinds of personal stuff on the internet ... buns have no privacy!) It's only because we care about you, Clovie!

Wendy said...

Thanks for posting about this. I've got 4 bunny babies, they live in pairs and I know either Colin or Ellis isn't eating their cecetropes but I have no idea which one! I'm going to reduce their food intake right down and see if that helps. I just feel terrible when I do it as they're rescue bunnies and Ellis came to me skin and bones. She was terrified of everything and sat quivering most of the time. Now she's a healthy weight, has shiny fur, is a mischevious, nosy little bunny and let's me stroke her (just me though!) and sometimes even pick her up! I don't want her to think I'm starving her to be cruel.