Friday, July 9, 2010


We have wood flooring in our entry, hallway and kitchen.  I had always planned on buying a runner for the hallway but it wasn't until we had Clovis that the runner became important.  He doesn't like slippery floors and I got tired of laying a towel "path" down the hall. So basically we bought Clovis a runner for the hallway...

I have rugs placed strategically over the wood floors so that he'll come out and run around.  He can jump from rug to rug and make the loop around the main floor without ever setting a toenail on wood. 

There's a small white rug at the bottom of the stairs next to a red entry rug so he can get up and downstairs. The other evening when I was in his room he was out in his safe zone playing with the white rug; bunching it up in a little pile.  Since this rug is critical for him to get up the stairs I unbunched it for him and put it back where it was.  He proceeded to bunch it up again then took a flying leap from the red rug to the bottom stair and disappeared.  A few seconds later I saw him leap back, sailing over the white rug and landing on the red rug.  Apparently some sort of rabbit game of skill he's invented to amuse himself...

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tamara said...

Hi Sue!
I love your blog, and I love your work.
I volunteer for Rabbit Haven in Seattle, and our auction is coming up in september. IS there any chance you'd consider donating one of your pieces? We'd put a link to you on our site, and we'd put a pile of your biz cards next to your piece, because I'm sure people would want to buy more of your beautiful stuff. What do you think? No pressure, but it never hurts to ask, right?
my email is tadlin at gmail.