Saturday, August 21, 2010

Three Star Day

I think Clovis turned four this week. I bought him at Scamps for $39.98. I know, I know, I could have adopted a nice little bunny from a shelter, but in my mind I rescued him from some little kid who would have cared less a month after he brought him home.

As usual I sat with Clovis this Saturday morning; he with his breakfast and me with my coffee and paper. I read him his horoscope. (He's a Leo.) It's a three star day for Clovis:

"Clear out errands, and take time to go to the gym or exercise.  A partner, close friend or loved one could surprise you.  Before you know it, you could be entertaining, which you do well.  Go with spontaneity and relax."

It's true, he entertains very well...


d. moll, said...

Happy birthday to Clovie, what a handsome boy he is too. I agree with you about the petshop thing, essentially you rescued him from there.

Lisa said...

Happy birthday! Great horoscope. Surprising him with a trip to the shelter to meet some ladies???

I like to think i "rescued" Biff from petland. He had no hay, nor did they tell me I should buy any. Sold me a starter cage that was approx 1'x1.5', came with cedar shavings for bedding and that mixed up kind of food that causes bladder sludge.

I saved him from being taken home by someone who wouldn't be conscientious enough to do their research and find out his Real needs.

Clovie Boy said...

I was pretty naive when I got Clovis as far as selecting a rabbit and how much care he would need. I would probably do things differently now. No regrets though!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

How sweet Sue, your posts always makes me smile. Happy Birthday Clovy Boy!