Saturday, October 16, 2010

Clovie's Playdate - Final Chapter

I had a lot of fun with the playmate project but this is the end, I promise. 

I left the animals out to play all week, waiting to see if Clovis would find one in particular he liked. He actually got to the point where he was laying amidst them all rather than all by himself in his regular spot under the Foosball table, and he did briefly play with one of the little monkeys. I'm pretty sure the motivation to find more food hidden somewhere in the menagerie helped to keep him interested. In the end though, these were meaningless objects and no connections were made.

When I first got Clovis one of my daughter's friends asked me if I would get another rabbit for him so he could have a playmate and my answer was, "No, because I am his playmate." 

Maybe that's why he didn't choose one. He already has me.


Jade said...

Sounds about right to me--Mickey has oodles of toys, but he'll bypass them all and come dashing over the minute I sit down on the floor. He'll even flop down on the rug next to my desk in the hopes of enticing me to come over and pet him and let him give me kisses. Sometimes a special person is the bestest toy of all. :)

Lisa said...

Awww. Maybe it's better that way, isn't it?

SixBunnies said...

I'm glad all of my bunnies found me, but sometimes I think it would be nice to be able to spend more time with each one. I am just very thankful each has a playmate. God orchestrated that for me because I knew nothing of bunnies. I just happened into all six and they paired up quite nicely into three pairs. If they didn't each have a play mate, I would be devistated because I am working pretty much 15 hours per day now and have time to clean, comfort and feed them but they are up to their own bunny business the rest of the time. :(

Clovie Boy said...

I work 40 hours/week and when I first got Clovis I tried to spend some time with him each night. I don't do that so much anymore but I let him run loose in the house as a "consolation prize". He actually seems to enjoy being off on his own. If we join him he'll disappear to another room.

This memory rises up to greet me said...

It's nice to see your pictures with Clovis too. This is a cute picture. I'm sure he's happiest with his master.

Sister Deb

Deb Cushman said...

He looks pretty comfortable with all those friends.