Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here Clovis!

Do your bunnies come running when you call them?  Mine does. Well, maybe not running and maybe sometimes I have to coax him with a treat or two. But I love it when I hear him hopping down the stairs.  (Just so you know, this is my "bunny talk" voice. Mine is much lower...)


Jade said...

Love that expression on his face:

"You really expect me to fall for that?"

Mickey will only come running if he sees or hears me walk into the kitchen and open the fridge. I like to pretend that he's obeying me when he hops into his cage, but I know he knows that it's the only way he's getting his apple slice at the end of the night.

Clovie Boy said...

Sounds familiar! I use blueberries most of the time.

Deb Cushman said...

You can almost hear the gears moving in that little head as the situation is appraised.