Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Observations

I really enjoy Saturday mornings, my relaxing, communal time with Clovis, my reward at the end of a work week.  This morning while I was reading the paper and he eating his breakfast, I noticed something amiss - his carrot stuck in his teeth! Apparently we are due for another tooth trim. Poor guy!  What would he have done if I wasn't there to dislodge it?

After breakfast he hunkered down for some petting. He is incredibly soft. When I stopped, he just lay there with his little eyes closed, completely content. I was content too.


Petal49 said...

What a beautiful way to start a weekend. I had a small black & white rabbit for a very short time (his owners reclaimed him) and I loved that petting time. very relaxing for both of us!

Jade said...

Oh dear, poor Clovie! Good thing you were there to save him.

Mick gets the most blissful look on his face when he's being petted sometimes. Simple things make for happy bunnehs. :)

Lisa said...

Poor little guy! So lucky you were there.