Monday, July 4, 2011


Fireworks are legal where we live.  Vendors are on just about every street corner and empty spot on our main drag.  We live near an intersection where two firework stands went up, one on each side of the street.  On the north side, "TNT Fireworks" and on the south side, "Nearly Naked Fireworks".  We weren't sure what Nearly Naked meant but I think it's bikini tops.  Yesterday when we went through the intersection the Nearly Naked Fireworks stand was up and running with a couple of girls on the sidewalk in their bikini tops with their signs.  Lots of rubber necking going on. You could tell there was some real competition going on between the girls and the lonely TNT guy on the opposite side.  He changed his sign.  It cracked us up.

Here's the Nearly Naked sign but for some reason today it is now missing the Naked part.

And here is the TNT sign...

I wonder which of these two stands will do better...

I enjoy watching fireworks just as much as anyone else, but years ago a friend of mine
said something to me I remember every 4th.  If you add up all the money every city
and town in America spends on their Fourth of July fireworks display,
think how many hungry children we could feed. 
Makes it a little harder for me to enjoy the show.

Happy 4th from Clovie and me.


d. moll, said...

Here fireworks are not legal, but people set them off all the same, still it's not the battle zone is was before the ordinance.

bunnits said...

Humorous ad competition.

We have a no fireworks ordinance in the city, but the neighbors are setting them off even as I write.

SixBunnies said...

That is very funny! I'm not looking forward to the noise this evening. We usually stay home on the fourth, as it's about 108 out there right now! But, the noise scares the animals. I have to take my pillow and doze off in the bunroom/sunroom until the stop blowing things up around midnight. The same with the start of dove season, which is coming up. The shotguns never stop ... Enjoyed the humor un the signs. Thanks! Happy Independence Day!

RG said...

Everytime someone here proposes using the fireworks money for a better cause somebody else ponys up new fireworks money!!!!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Fireworks were banned here this year --- WAY too dry. Half of AZ has been on fire, it seems. Cracked up at the signs. :)

Lisa said...

Welcome home :) Love your doxie below.
The new sign is so silly! But bikini chicks will probably win.

I hate to be a cynic (well, sort of) but if they stopped the fireworks they'd spend that money on an even nicer corporate car or private jet or construction that doesnt need to be done or some other kind of bs bureaucratic waste. Hungry children will stay hungry as long as our political sytem favors the ascent of the greedy and self-motivated.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

The signs are funny. They've done that one with the espresso drive-throughs here too.

There were far too many fireworks going off here by young boys for several days now and they are driving me nuts with the noise!! Where do they get the money for this!! Hope Clovie stayed calm.

FairyCastleFarm said...

Hi, my name is Yolanda, (Yollie) I just found your blog from Shell's blog, Raspberry Rabbits. I am so glad you left her a comment on the last post. I saw your picture and just had to pop over and visit. I am now a follower. Your work is amazing! I have English spot bunnies and love them to bits. Your work just captures their spirit so well - Take care and looking forward to catching up on all your work ;o)

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Those signs are too funny! Everybun has to make a living somehow. hee, hee,hee. There were fireworks here, but they shot them off over the river.
xx, shell