Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day of Thanks

I am thankful for many things, family most of all. This Thanksgiving we have a new addition, my daughter's pit bull mix, Mac, who is visiting us this weekend.

Mac is an exuberant pup who thinks cats are something to prey upon and I'm sure if he knew what rabbits were Clovie would be prey too. So as a cat and rabbit only household we are having an interesting time juggling animals so that neither of them knows the dog is in the house. We had one tense dog and cat confrontation that resulted in the annihilation of the sliding door screen.

I will be thankful if we get through this holiday with all three animals intact.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Dear Lord, don't let the dog get me.


Jade said...

What a sweet puppy face--I bet he's a handful indeed. Is there something wrong with his right eye or is that a trick of the camera?

Wishing you a peaceful Thanksgiving weekend with minimal damage. :)

Clovie Boy said...

Mac is a handful! My daughter adopted him from a shelter and no one knows what happened to his eye. I think it must have been punctured somehow and he is blind in that eye. But he gets along great.

bunnits said...

Oh, he looks like a sweetie. Too bad about the hole in the screen. Our dogs do not play well with the cats or rabbits, so they don't even get a chance. Terrible disaster would ensue.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

SixBunnies said...

We have a strict carnivore and vegan boundary ... when the vegans are in the house, the carnivore is locked in the bedroom. Even though ... the rabbits could probably beat the poo poo out of dog!