Wednesday, December 28, 2011


About a week or so before Christmas I received an unexpected package from the Raspberry Rabbits: Shell, Harrington and Hannah.  Gold rabbit embroidery scissors for me and freeze dried bananas for Clovis! What a wonderful surprise!

Shell had posted these sweet little scissors on her blog one day and I just happened to comment that I would love to have them, and voila! There they were all wrapped in Christmas paper. Loved her Christmas card too.

Thank you so much, Shell. You are very special.  H & H too! 


RG said...

That woman do set a high bar!

Racer pouts from his place of honor seeing all that transpires with company about too.

Christina said...

Yep Shell is just a doll. I have to be careful saying I like stuff when commenting. I think that lady would give away everything she had, a good GOOD human being. Congrats on your treasures.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

So glad you liked your pressies. I got the bestest of all with the painting of Sugie. I look at it every day and smile big. Thank you so very much for it. I will treasure it always and it means so very much to me to have a piece of your art.
Hugs and Happy New Year!