Friday, May 14, 2010

Devil Cat

This is our cat, Minnow. She's an indoor cat. Sometimes we call her Devil Cat because when she gets freaked out it's pretty scary. I mean, look at her. There's some attitude there. Fire in her eyes. If she gets a whiff of an animal outside and we hear hissing and growling, it's a call to arms. We grab the nearest spray bottle (We keep these scattered around just in case we need to defend ourselves; a good squirt of water will keep her at bay.) and hightail it in the opposite direction. 

So, I hear that cats and rabbits can co-habitate, however, I am not brave enough to see if Minnow and Clovis can get along. I think she's actually afraid of him and if he made any kind of aggressive move she'd go berserk. Best to avoid that situation...

Since Minnow was here first, she rules the roost.  But every other day or so we fence off a safe zone so Clovis can have some fun. He heads upstairs to his favorite spot and hangs out for a while.  Then he'll kick up his heels, do some binking and run the length of the house like all get out. So fast! We always make a big deal of it when he does, a couple of whoo hoos and some applause. He's happy.

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Heart of a Cowgirl said...

OK, I know I've left like 5 comments on different posts now... I'm not a stalker, just enjoying your blog! Even with 7 bunnies of my own, I still love to see other people's bunnies and read their stories. So entertaining. Our kitty, Cactus Rose, gets in the litter box WITH the bunnies and also naps in their condo with them. She thinks she is a bunny, too. She does chases them at times, but it is a just a fun game and everyone knows it. I bet Minnow would be snuggling with Clovis in no time. :)