Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clovis x 2

I've been thinking about getting another rabbit. When I look at other bunny blogs and I see pictures and videos of bunnies laying all over each other, or playing and acting all sweet, I want that. For selfish reasons really; something new to cuddle and creative inspiration. Then reality sets in and I think, "Whoa. Are you sure you want to do that?"

  • Companion for Clovis                               
  • A pair of muses to inspire me
  • Might get a bunny who likes to cuddle 
  • More joyful entertainment
  • Twice the upkeep, twice the poop
  • What if Clovis doesn't want a companion?
  • Logistics - can two live in existing space?
  • Long term commitment/responsibility


Lisa said...

Please don't mind my two cents.

You MIGHT get a bunny who cuddles! I did (sort of). Biffy, not a cuddler. He picked Sogna, who is very sweet and will let you pet her for hours. but she likes to have her feet on the ground and not be snuggled in the traditional sense, I think it feels too much like restraint.

It's not REALLY twice the upkeep. After the bonding process, they share a litterbox(es), share food and water bowls, share an enclosure. So upkeep is really the same except grooming. And they'll take care of a lot of that for each other, too. In fact, I found that having two freed up a lot of my time. I wasn't rushing home for fear biff would get too lonely anymore, he had his girlfriend and honestly she's all he really cares about!

I'm not sure where you live, but the easiest way to make sure Clovis wants a companion is bunny speed dating! Most rescues will let you bring your bunny in, and meet some bunnies, and "choose" his companion for himself!

As far as existing space, usually bunnies need to be separated through the bonding process. So you'll need an enclosure, two if you don't have one already.

Check out's section on bonding to learn more about the process. It is certainly a process but the best thing I ever did for myself and my rabbit!

PS. I'd like to add you to my blog roll. Would that be ok with you?

Clovie Boy said...

Lisa, your two cents worth was very valuable to me! You made me realize it would not be me choosing a rabbit, but Clovis! I recently visited a local animal shelter and they explained "dates" to me and we have Rabbit Haven nearby. I still need to ponder.

I think I know what a blog roll is so yes, it would be an honor to be on your blog roll! Thanks!

Clovie and Sue

Lisa Alto said...

Hi - I agree.
I spend just as much time cleaning up after Buttons as when we had his brother with us too. They shared their litter boxes, house etc. But it depends how you keep them I guess. Buttons has a whole room to himself so adding more bunnies wouldn't be an issue for us.

On a non practical note, I understand what you mean about having selfish reasons to want another rabbit - I spend lots of time browsing the local rabbit rescue sites looking for bunnies who I think are cute ... one day we'll get another, or more!

SixBunnies said...

I've learned that everything is different from bunny to bunny. I have six bunnies, all obtained independently from the others. I am extremely fortunate that they easily bonded into three pairs. Each pair is as different from the other pairs as night and day. My two large bunnies are a lot of work. One loves to be held and snuggled. One is terrified of being lifted off the floor. They like to pee in places other than their litter box, like their water crock and their blankets. My "fuzzy" pair are no trouble at all. They are clean and keep a very organized house and for the most part like to be held, once you get them stabilized somewhere. The picking up part is bad news. Neither of these pairs requires much attention from me. they snuggle, groom, and play with each other. My two girls like individual attention from me and get upset if I don't pay enough attention to them. They are fairly clean, so having two is not much more work than one.
So it's all different, depending on which bunz you get. If I had ten like my "fuzzy" bunnies, they would be a breeze to care for. If I had one more like my big bunz, I think I would go crazy sometimes. I love them, but they are messy and hard to keep clean. And, if you prepare fresh vegetables, chopping an extra two cups per bunny doesn't take much time, but if you buy organic produce, it can get expensive. I just love Clovie Boy! You have a wonderful rabbit! When the time is right, he'll choose the right one!

Rachel said...

Let's make an appointment at Rabbit Haven!