Thursday, September 2, 2010


Last Sunday I was reading the classified ads to Clovis. We always look at the pets for sale. All the cute little doggie pictures make me just want one. (But I don't. Clovis doesn't either.) It seems to me there are alot of "poo" dogs. Cocka-poo, Shih-poo, Maltese-poo, Chia-poo, Lhasa-poo.  (Okay, maybe I made some up.) Poodles must be good to breed with. Anyway, here's an ad that caught my eye:

"Bird cage large with stand, $75, includes 6 free finches." 

Now, if it were my ad I would have focused more on the finches:

"Six finches, large bird cage with stand included - $75".

Two days later the ad read, "Six free finches."

So, I guess it's not all that easy to find a new home for finches.  Wonder what they put the finches in now that their cage is gone?


Lisa said...

I think they cross-breed with poodles because they don't shed and don't really have dander, so they're good dogs for people with allergies, but at the same time they want to breed out that yucky poodle personality.

I like finches. They're very pretty and they have a pretty chirp not an obnoxious sqwack. I don't think they like to be handled though. I do the same, go window-shopping for pets all the time.

Clovie Boy said...

I used to shop in a gift store where they had finches in a big cage. I loved their chirp too - very quiet and calming.