Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Entry

Okay, so I thought I'd give this blogging thing a try. So here I am on a Sunday morning trying to figure this all out.  I want this to be about my little muse, Clovie Boy, and about my art.
Clovie Boy is one of many nicknames I have bestowed upon my rabbit.  Also called Clover Boy, Bunny Boy, Clove Meister, Clovenstein, or Clove Man, his real name is Clovis.  Except originally I named him Chloe.  When I picked him out at the pet store I asked the clerk if he was male or female.  She took a look and said female.  Little did I know, and apparently also the clerk, that you can't always tell the sex of a rabbit at eight weeks old... So I thought Chloe was a perfect name for my sweet little bunny.  But a month or so later I noticed little Chloe had a few body parts that she shouldn't.  Off we went to the vet for confirmation, and yes, she was a he.

Well, of course I couldn't continue to call him Chloe so the re-naming efforts began. By then Chloe seemed to respond to his name and I was commited to calling him a "sound alike" name.  I went through every name in a book of names and the best sound alike name I could come up with was Clovis. I admit, not a soft and fuzzy name for a rabbit but what can you do?

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