Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dear Okrah

Dear Okrah,

No, Clovie. It's O P R A H, not O K R A. Okra is food.

Oh. Do I eat okra? Does Oprah?

No, you haven't had okra. Oprah probably has.

Maybe I should. Put that on your shopping list.

Uh, okay...Back to your letter?

Dear O P R A H,

I heard you decided to throw in the towel after 25 years. I've never seen your show but I have been listening to it from another room off and on for almost 5 years. It must have been good because sometimes when a commercial came on my owner would run in to clean my litter box and run back out when the commercial was over so she wouldn't miss anything.

I never did hear you talk about the mistreatment of bunnies, or what great pets bunnies make.  That would have been a good show. My 20 followers would have really enjoyed it. Now that you have more time on your hands, you and Steadman might want to consider adopting a few of us.  We're cute, smart, very soft and quiet, we don't slobber like your dogs and most of us use a litter box. 

I heard you tell people they should find their passion and follow it.  My have found my passion and it is FOOD!  If you have something sweet in your hand I will follow it ANYWHERE!  So that's good advice. You also said we are all WORTHY.  My owner says I am alot of work but I'm WORTH it.  So I guess that's true. 

My owner says you are an extraordinary woman living an extraordinary life and you have done a lot of good for people.  You could probably do alot for bunnies too. I could help you spread the word if you want. Have your people contact my people.  Let's do lunch. I'll have salad.

Well, I guess that's about it. Good job and good luck!

Bunny Licks and Kisses,


Petal49 said...

Oh Clovis, what a beautiful letter. I'm sure Oprah will love it. Good luck with your campaign.

bunnits said...

What a neat letter. I hope Oprah thinks seriously about helping bunnies. And who could resist that handsome fellow in the photo?

SixBunnies said...

I enjoyed your letter, Clovis! I hope you get a response from Oprah very quickly. You are so handsome!

Lisa said...

Clovis is truly a bunny ambassador! Wouldn't that be fantastic if Oprah took up bunny activism?!

RG said...

Nice Clovie! Such inspiration. If Oprah invites you to be on a show, well, remember who your frinds are!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Great idea Clovie! You'd be an awesome spokesbun...who could resist you? No one, that's who.